If you're involved in racing, you have a racing family and you know how special these people are in your life. These are my people.
Hi guys! I'm Nichole. I'm the one who started this crazy Highline thing four years ago! That's me, the one holding the check (cause duh). These are my people and this is why Highline was born. I needed to have my own part of this crazy sport that my husband loved so much. (He is the crew chief on this car and keeps us all in line and for reference, I'm pointing at his face.)
The past four years have left me in non stop awe. Never did I think I would be making shirts on the daily, and never did I think I would grow to love dirt so much. But here we are. Flat out thank you to each and every one of you who is taking time to read this, made a purchase, and let us be a part of your raceday.  Although I'm typically behind the camera and you'll never find me doing a live video, you all have supported my little company for this many years, and I will be forever grateful for this time. 
Okay some personal stuff. If you didn't know, Highline is based out of Phoenix. Moving east to be closer to racing is always a thought, and we're always taking suggestions! Nathan (crew cheif guy) and I have three human kiddos and one doggo kid. We just celebrated our 18th year of marriage, and he is my main design approval guy, although sometimes I just ignore his advice. You'll find us in the pits typically at a wing sprint car race or in the forest cause camping is the best and that whole dirt thing I mentioned earlier. Love it!
Alrighty, enough mush. Go grab some gear (teenagers are expensive y'all), and save 20% this weekend with STARS&STRIPES or any of our rep's codes. 
Much love and safe racing to you all!