The last Friday spotlight is here! Thank you all for tagging along with us this season and learning about the amazing people behind our little company! We can't wait to do it all again next year!

Today we are so excited to introduce to you Aly, a big part of the behind the scenes action at Highline. Aly is not only a lifelong race fan, but most recently, the creator behind our instagram and facebook posts. Aly's hometown is Tucson, Az, but a Cali girl through and through, especially when it comes to 360 & 410 sprint cars. When not cheering on her favorites, Aly loves playing with her puppy chassis and taking him for walks or whatever random adventure she can find. She also just brought a brand new kitten into her life, and has 4 beef heifers. Three of them are in Madera, CA and one in Houston, Texas. They all have racing names: Stagger, Eldora, Hoosier and Throttle.

You can grab Aly's (or any of the rep's featured on our blog) discount code to save 15% on your next order. Thank you all for coming along with us this season!