A new Friday, a new blog post, and new Highline gear! That makes a great start to the weekend! Let's first intruduce you to Amanda, a bracket (drag) racer from Oxford, Michigan. Amanda's passion is climbing into my dragster, buckling in, and hurling down the track only to make a split tenth of a second decision on what I need to do at the finish line to win. Bracket racing is fun, challenging, and competitive all at the same time. "I absolutely love being at the track and suiting up to drive. There is no better feeling!"
When not at a drag strip, Amanda can be found doing all the things! From working on house projects, visiting family, or vacationing (we love Las Vegas and Universal Studios Orlando).
In Amanda's own words: " I would be remiss if I didn’t want to shout out some thank you’s!! First one is to my awesome husband for giving me to opportunity to race and for always taking the time to teach me how to work on my ride. Second one goes out to my dad for instilling the mindset of hard work and dedication will get you what you want in life and for helping us with both of our rides. Last, to all of our friends and mentors along the way (too many to list) you know who you are. I hope you all know how extremely thankful I am for the guidance, laughs, and tough love you have given over the years. We wouldn’t be here without you!! Now let’s get to the track and make some passes!!"
Time to grab her code, grab some new gear, and have a weekend! Safe racing y'all!