That first Friday of October feeling! Wishing you a happy first day of spooky season and coming in with a spooky new lineup of Highline gear for you today! Check out our new stuff, but first, meet one of our firecest reps who is her most comfortable in a firesuit, but can dress up with the best of em!
Jasyln Jones is our spotlight rep for this week. Y'all this girl is the definition of cool. Not only does she rip around Knoxville raceway on a weekly basis in her sprint car, but she celebrated her prom by dressing up, heading to the track, and strapping in her car, all in the same night! Jasyln is a true racer, and when she's not flying around Knoxville, she can be found watching racing or heading to find the newest treasure at her local thirift stores. The offseason finds Jasyln chillin to a good ol chick flick or hanging with her 3 dogs and 2 cats back home in Iowa. 
You can follow along with Jaslyn's racing adventures below, or grab her code to save on your next order!
  • Instagram- Jaslyn43j
  • Facebook- Jones Family Racing