Getting Dirty Should look good.

Hi there! Let me tell you a little about me. My name is Nichole, and I am the wife of a true gearhead. Seriously. My husband spends hours with this car, but in all reality, he could have much worse hobbies. Ten years ago, I started going to the track with him & the team to get a break from our babies, a date night if you will. Here, I grew to love the sights, sounds and smells of the track. Now, my babies are a bit older, and more willing to go to grandma's house or wanting to come to the races, so it truly has become a family affair. We get pelted with mud bombs during hot laps and ruin our manicures scraping mud during intermission, but my biggest gripe WAS the lack of a different style of race shirts. I wanted something cute and comfortable to wear that wasn't the typical driver or memorial shirt, and so Highline was born. We offer a line of comfy tees that still honor the sport of racing, but can be worn any day of the week. Thanks for checking us out and letting us be part of your racing family!

These are my people! I am humbled that they let me be even a small part of their team. 2017 & 2019 ASCS Southwest Region Champs!